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Law Schools database
Law Schools database

Law Schools
Law Schools database containing information such as name, address, url, faculty and much more. Ideal for marketing, leads and networking. Web developers, build a niche website or law school directory for your client. Contains a lot of extra information such as SAT requirements, application fees, financial aid types and much more.

Database Formats: MySQL, TAB Seperated, Pipe Delimited, CSV (Access)
Database entries: 186
Database Type: Marketing & Website Content
Database fields: id, name, name2, city, state, country, url, facultyFT, facultyPT, apps, appsAccept, appsEnroll, studentFT, studentPT, studentSeats, avgLSAT, avgGPA, women, minorities, internat, tuitionInState, tuitionOutState, fees, finaid, finaidType, appfee, contact, reqLSAT, reqLSDAS, reqTOEFL, reqApp, reqBach, reqLetRec, reqPers, reqEssay, reqWriting, reqInter, reqCollege, reqResume

Sample entries from this database.

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