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Viewing Entertainment category

The downloadable databases in this area contain entertainment related listings. These may include restaurants, bars, campgrounds and other business databases that are entertainment related. If you are new to an area, this can be a great way to find an entertainment spot near you. Other businesses can use these to network with contacts in these databases.
View Amusing Jokes details
Amusing Jokes
Amusing Funny Jokes database containing joke category, joke title, date added, joke and if actively displayed.
Database Entries: 5,525
Database Fields: id, category, title, added, joke, active

View Amusing Insults details
Amusing Insults
Amusing Insults & Quotes content only database. Not suitable for marketing leads or networking.
Database Entries: 155
Database Fields: id, category, credit, added, insult, music, people, business, region, active

View Movie Quotes details
Movie Quotes
Movie Quotes database. Content only, not suitable for marketing leads or netwoking.
Database Entries: 160,714
Database Fields: aid, actor, qid, mid, name, year, url, quote

View Restaurants & Diners details
Restaurants & Diners
Restaurants & Diners database with name, address, phone numbers, fax number, url and email for each listing.
Database Entries: 291,100
Database Fields: id, locale_id, Name, Address1, Address2, City, State, Zip, PhoneMain, PhoneToll, Phone, Fax, Fax2, URL, Email

View Famous Biographies details
Famous Biographies
Famous Biographies content only database with name, image and bio for each listing.
Database Entries: 106
Database Fields: cat, name, image, bio

View Quotes (Non-Offensive) details
Quotes (Non-Offensive)
Quotes (Non-Offensive) content only database with id and quote.
Database Entries: 13,569
Database Fields: id, quote

View Quotes (Offensive) details
Quotes (Offensive)
Quotes (Offensive)Quotes (Offensive) content only database with id and quote.
Database Entries: 6,949
Database Fields: id, quote

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