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Database Articles
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Viewing Health Related category

Look no further for Health related data. Our downloadable health databases contain health related websites, business listings and more. Use this database for a health related niche directory. Why search through the yellow pages when you can just download all the information you need in an instant? Create a new network of leads for your health related business in an instant.
View Cosmetic Surgeons details
Cosmetic Surgeons
Cosmetic Surgeons Database containing contact information, website and degrees for each cosmetic surgeon listed.
Database Entries: 16,033
Database Fields: id, type, name, degrees, street1, street2, city, state, zipcode, country, phone, fax, email, website

View Practicing Doctors details
Practicing Doctors
Practicing Doctors database containing name, address, state and phone numbers for each doctor listed.
Database Entries: 393,150
Database Fields: id, name, address, state, phone

View Cancer Types details
Cancer Types
Cancer Types & Treatment content only database containing names, descriptions ad treatments.
Database Entries: 60
Database Fields: id, name, description, treatment

View Drug/Alcohol Rehab Centers details
Drug/Alcohol Rehab Centers
Drug/Alcohol Rehab Centers downloadable database containing titles, urls, addresses, phone and fax numbers and more for each listing.
Database Entries: 8,057
Database Fields: id, title, url, street, city, state, zip, phone, fax, email, contact

View Diseases details
Diseases downloadable database with categories, names, and more each listing.
Database Entries: 2,342
Database Fields: cid, rid, jid, category, did, name, category, severity, synonyms, comments, latency, referenceLink

View Hair Restoration details
Hair Restoration
Hair removal and replacement database containing category, name, address, phone, fax, email, url for each listing.
Database Entries: 183,300
Database Fields: ID, Cat, CatSub, Name, Addr, City, State, Zip, Phone, Fax, Email, URL, locAreaCode, locFIPS, locTimeZone, locDST, locLat, locLong, locMSA, locPMSA, locCounty

View US Dentists details
US Dentists
US Dentists Database containing name, address and phone number for each listing.
Database Entries: 190,005
Database Fields: id, name, address, city, state, zipcode, phone

View Chiropractors details
US Chiropractors Database containing name, address, phone and website for each listing.
Database Entries: 1,343
Database Fields: id, name, address, city, state, zipcode, phone, website

View Generic Drugs Info details
Generic Drugs Info
Generic Drugs Info database containing title, category and information for each listing.
Database Entries: 3,011
Database Fields: id, title, category, info

View Vitamin Information details
Vitamin Information
Vitamin Information content only database with name, intro, sources, dosage, side effects and other information.
Database Entries: 401
Database Fields: id, name, intro, sources, treatment_for, def_symptom, dosage, side_effects

View Branded Drugs Info details
Branded Drugs Info
Branded Drugs Informational database with title, category and info for each listing.
Database Entries: 8,483
Database Fields: id, title, category, info

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